Mission Statement - Know about our company

  • Kepler Aerospace is a small satellite startup incorporated in 2018.
  • Conceptualization and Realisation of Small satellite configurations
  • Design and Development - R&D work for innovative next-gen technologies in space sector
  • Consultancy services - on customer feedback looped sat-ops
  • Parallel incremental concept- hardware/software realization
  • Integration management for flexible customer based Cubesat systems
  • Systemized, Synchronized and modular subsystem designs
  • Total monitored contingency framework for 24x7 Backend support for Satellite operations
  • Kepler has multiple manufacturing partners who have the capability for end to end realization and delivery of space grade subsystems designed by us.

Company Guidance Algorithms

Make in India Technology incubation and development of cubesats in the country

Wealth creation in the avenues of skill and intellectual rights

Security generation for the country and its interests

Ensure flexibility and outreach to meet customer demands

Encompassing a philosophy of practical design, espousing Minimum Package, Maximum impact

Ethical guarantee to deliver what is promised

Team Expertise

  • Our team has a rich experience in cubesat design, development and integration.
  • Delfi Series CubeSats (PSLV C9, Dnepr Rockets)
  • Indian Nanosatellites (INS-1 A/B/C), 3 systems launched on PSLV by ISRO (PSLV C37, C40)
  • Lunar Nano rover mission- TU Delft – IISc - ISRO
  • PSLV PS4 experimental payload with multiple Kepler Systems, Jan 2020 Launch (PSLV C49)
  • UHF/VHF Ground station Support/operations (Netherlands)
  • Our team consists of systems engineers , Quality Reliability experts, System Integrators, Business liaisons with aerospace manufacturing backend support and Cubesat subsystem engineers with a keen eye for detail and perfection.

Product Portfolio


Satellite Positioning Sensors


Proof of Life Transmitter (PLT)


MEMS IMU systems

Reaction Wheels

Magnetic Torquers

Solar Panels

AOCS Module

Power Module

X band Datalink


Lightweight Small Telescope

1U-12U Modular Bus design (MBS)

ground stations

Data Handling

MORS (Miniature Optical Recon Sat)

MTOS (Miniature Tactical Operations Sat)

AIS Cubesat

ADS-B Cubesat Constellations

Health Tracker

Health Monitoring


Other Systems as per customer requirements

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